Our Story

this is who we are

Founded 2013 I sought out to turn my passion for cars and admiration of innovation into a business and created 3D Door to Door Detail. The name was conceived in the most likely of places; in the garage of my good friend, Thurston. We bounced ideas back and forth about what name would convey a service that was “to your door” and what could be a homage of sorts, to what most would consider a more simple way of life... When more valued the connection to community than computer. A time when companies wanted to go to your door not your inbox… Door to Door Detail gave us the 3D.... BOOOM! 3D Door to Door Detail was conceived...

Our Vision

this is what we do

3D Detail is proud to offer an Eco friendly microfiber foam hand-wash. If you can't find time to wash your car then call us, we will come to you! Our mobile unit is completely stand-alone which includes providing our own water, electricity and necessary supplies. Not only is our service convenient to you, we also make your car shine!

3D Door To Door Detail


Sacramento, CA 95828

Phone. 916-743-4202

Email. 3Ddoortodoordetail@gmail.com