3d mini detail - Starting at $500
Recommended for newer cars with a few scratches
Approx. Time 3.5 - 4.5 Hours
Add $25 - 4 door Sedan
Add $45 - Sm. Pick up, Small Minivan, Crossover, Wagon
Add $75 - Lg Truck, SUV, Van
Add $100 - XL Truck, SUV, Van
• Snow Foam Bath wash with exclusive 3D Shampoo
• Compressed air dry to reduce marring and swirl marks contaminates
• 3D Wax or Griot’s Sealant applied to paint
• Thorough cleaning of wheels, wheel wells and tires
• Tires & wheel wells dressed with water based dresing
• Exterior trim lightly dressed
• Door jambs cleaned Exhaust tips cleaned
• All windows, mirrors, and sunroof cleaned streak free
• Cleaning of dash, console, cup holders, and panels
• Thorough vacuuming of interior, including all crevices
• Hot water extraction of carpet and floor mats.
• Includes cloth seats.
• Apply high quality leather conditioner to leather surfaces